Don’t just watch. Participate.

USF is a vibrant community with a range of activities to appeal to every student. It's nearly impossible to be bored at USF with all of the things that happen on campus! 

New Student Orientation

We spend months planning and preparing for New Student Orientation, a time set aside for our new students and their families to connect, to build confidence in students' skills and to develop competence in navigating college life. There are many educational sessions, as well as time for students to get to know one another. With a variety of activities and opportunities to connect with the USF community, you can be sure that you will be starting your time at USF on the right foot.

Student Activities

It's more work to be bored at USF than it is to have fun! There are activities planned all week long, and there is rarely a day in the week where there isn't something going on for you to enjoy. Some popular events include: 

USF Idol

USF Idol is an annual event featuring the vocal talent of USF students. Over the course of several weeks, students compete to be the next USF Idol. The best part is that, even if you don't want to sing, the showmanship of our students is amazing, and you get to vote for whom YOU think should win!

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is just one example of some of the fun game show style activities that happen on campus.

Grocery Bag Bingo

Our students love Bingo and free food, so why not combine the two? Grocery Bag Bingo gives students the opportunity to interact with their fellow students and restock their fridges!

Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night is a popular student event and, with a nearly limitless set of songs to choose from, every student can find a way to let their inner superstar shine!


USF students love to dance, and, with several dances each semester, they have plenty of opportunities to bust a move!

Poetry Night

Students, faculty and staff express themselves during Poetry Night with a wide range of poetic choices ranging from slam poetry to music in an event that touches the heart, mind and soul.


USF allows students to get back in touch with their inner child with NERF Wars, where the only prerequisite is a NERF gun and a desire for fun.

USF Olympics

One of the strongest USF Traditions, the USF Olympics occurs in both the fall and spring semesters with the USF Summer and Winter Olympics. Each competition pits Residential Halls, off-campus students and faculty/staff/alumni against each other in a series of challenges. With events ranging from Speed Walking to Volleyball to Curling to Figure Skating, these week-long events build camaraderie and friendships in a dynamic environment centered around competition and spirit.

Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is a live-action game of tag wherein Humans need to survive the Zombie infection. Humans defend themselves with socks and NERF guns as the Zombie hoard chases and hunt them down where a simple touch by a Zombie infects and turns a Human! The game is played 24/7 over the course of the week with a variety of missions, and the one over-arching mission: survival.

Cougar Activities Board

The Cougar Activities Board (CAB) is made up of a team of students who grow and develop as leaders through the planning and implementation of campus events. Every student has a different role which helps create a more vibrant campus.

Clubs and Organizations

There are many clubs and organizations for students to join. You can pursue professional organizations such as Alpha Chi (National Honor Society), Association of Cougar Education Students (ACES), National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), Phi Beta Lamda (PBL) or Coo Tycoons Investment Club. Other clubs on campus include Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 80s Music Video Remake Club, Math Club and Student Association. 

Intramural Athletics and Fitness

There are team sports leagues happening year round. These leagues include volleyball, kickball, flag football, basketball, indoor soccer and softball. In addition to leagues, there are multiple tournaments that happen throughout the year, including Frisbee golf, doubles table tennis, dodge ball, monster golf, ultimate Frisbee and lawn games.

Intramurals also offer a variety of fitness activities such as ZUMBA, Pilates, Yoga and Strength & Conditioning to enhance the wellness of the USF Community.