Patricia M. Cole, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Business Administration/Area Chair of School of Business

Dr. Tricia Cole is an Associate Professor of Management for the Vucurevich School of Business and is the 2010 recipient of the Faculty of the Year Award. A Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning and a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Health Care Administration, she has a strong background in strategic planning, organizational decision making processes, curriculum development and organizational behavior. 

Dr. Cole's career with the University has included the position of Department Chair of the Vucurevich School of Business for five years and Director of Programs for Personal and Business Development that oversaw the USF Learning Institute, the USF Career Institute, the Center for Women Business Institute (a Small Business Administration funded institute) and the Center for Women community outreach programs for two years. 

Dr. Cole is currently conducting research on management techniques within LEED certified facilities and collecting case studies addressing issues in sport facility and event management.  In addition, she has been a consultant for regional corporations in the area of organizational development, leadership training and sustaining creative work settings. 

A transplant from Texas, Dr. Cole joined the University in January of 2004 from the Sioux Falls Independent School District. She continues to be connected to the public schools by volunteering in the classrooms of her three elementary school aged children. 


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Urban and Regional Science, Texas A&M University, 2003
  • Master of Public Administration, Public Administration, Texas A&M University, 1991
  • Bachelor of Science, Microbiology, Texas A&M University, 1988

Courses Taught

  • BUS108 - Personal and Financial Planning
  • BUS210 - Principles of Management
  • BUS304 - Essentials of Management
  • BUS306 - Management of Organizations
  • BUS313 - Retail Management
  • BUS315 - Human Resource Management
  • BUS351 - Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • BUS390 - Selected Topics
  • BUS395 - Internship
  • BUS450 - Senior Colloquium
  • BUS451 - Management Colloquium
  • BUS460 - Supervision and Human Resource Management
  • BUS491 - Independent Study
  • BUS501 - MBA Opening Residency
  • BUS512 - Business Research Methodology
  • BUS520 - Management of Organizational Dynamics
  • BUS556 - Health Care Colloquium
  • SPM313 - Event and Facility Management
  • SPM395 - Internship
  • ENG250 - Business Research and Writing
  • ENG400 - Business Communication and Report Writing
  • LAR210 - Honors Seminar
  • LAR486 - Capstone in Liberal Arts


  • Health care special topics
  • Management / Organizational behavior
  • Event and facility management