Emily comes from a family of five and is one of two children enrolled in college. After calculating her potential financial aid offer, her total annual out-of-pocket cost at USF is $11,230.

Dad's annual income


Mom's annual income


Emily's annual income


Parent's net worth of investments


Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
(Results of federal financial aid application form.)



USF 2021-2022 tuition, room and board


Expected Family Contribution (EFC)


Equals Family Financial Need




Emily's unweighted high school GPA



Emily's potential financial aid award


Provost's Academic Scholarship


Additional USF scholarships and grants


Federal Work Study


Federal Direct Loans


Emily's potential financial aid award



Emily's out-of-pocket cost


Emily still has the opportunity to apply for outside scholarships and can pay her final out-of-pocket cost of $11,230 in a monthly payment plan, through a federal parent loan or with private alternative loans.