If you’re ready to change your career by earning a Master of Education in Teaching, University of Sioux Falls has made it easier than ever. Here are three ways that we make sure this program fits your busy lifestyle.

     1. You do not need an undergraduate teaching degree to earn your Master of Education in Teaching.

Your degree in another academic major can qualify you for entry into the USF Master of Education in Teaching program. This means that you can switch your career to education in just two years instead of having to attend full-time for four years to earn a second bachelor’s degree.

     2. Flexible class schedules allow you to work full-time until the last semester.

Our M.ED. in Teaching classes are a combination of online and evening classes that allow you to continue working days until you are ready to make your career change. Your final semester involves student teaching that will require you to attend during the day.

    3. Convenient Sioux Falls location.

The University of Sioux Falls is located in the heart of Sioux Falls, SD. For those working in the city or in surrounding areas, attending on-campus, evening classes is easy. Another benefit of our location is it allows us to work closely with the South Dakota Department of Education to ensure you graduate with the qualifications needed to teach in South Dakota.

Classes start this fall, so you’ll want to click here now to learn more and register for USF’s Master of Education in Teaching program.

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