December 13, 2019

There are many reasons people fail to complete their college degree. But as over 1900 degree completion students have learned, at the University of Sioux Falls it’s never too late to earn your bachelor degree and get more out of life.

For over 30 years, the University of Sioux Falls has made finishing required classes work for people with busy schedules. Today you can earn your degree 100% online or through a combination of online and evening classes. Majors include Accounting, Business and Health Administration and certificates within these programs include Accounting Professional, Accounting Specialist, Business and Social Media Marketing.

No matter which of the three majors you’d like to earn your degree in, transferred credits can be applied to make finishing your requirements even faster.

Earning your college degree will make a significant impact on your life. In addition to opening up many more career opportunities and getting more satisfaction from your job, people with a bachelor’s degree typically earn a higher salary than those without a degree. In fact, the United States Department of Labor estimates people with a bachelor degree earn over $830,000 more in their lifetime than people with only some college.

As a new year approaches now is an ideal time to reach your goals by earning an accredited bachelor degree from the University of Sioux Falls. We will work closely with you to identify which credits will transfer and to create a class schedule that fits your lifestyle.

No matter how long you’ve been out of school, there’s no better time than now to finish your degree. Click here to learn more about the affordable degree completion programs at the University of Sioux Falls.

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