Focus & Finish Your Degree, 8 Weeks at a Time

December 2, 2021,

Whether you recently completed a two-year degree, or have had a lengthy break from college courses begun years ago, the University of Sioux Falls’ Accelerated Online Degree Completion Program can help you reach your college completion goal.   

USF understands that life does not stop because you want to achieve a milestone goal such as earning your degree.

Therefore the accelerated 7-week class format of USF’s online accelerated degree completion program sets students up for success. It allows students to make strong and steady progress every 7 weeks. With typically one or two classes at a time, students can continue working full time, raising a family, or pursuing personal interests while earning a degree.

The University of Sioux Falls offers flexibility and convenience in earning a bachelor’s degree through:

  • online and evening classes as little as one evening per week,
  • online and evening classes twice a week, or
  • learning 100% online.

You’ll also receive more one-on-one attention from expert faculty with valuable career connections. With USF’s degree completion program, you’ll meet others from various backgrounds, interests and careers, helping you build a network of connections you may use during your studies and into your career.   

If you have an Associate degree or two years of transferable hours totaling 48 credits, contact the University of Sioux Falls today, you may be surprised by how close you are to completing your degree.

Classes start every 8 weeks, apply today

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