A recent report by Forbes announced that Sioux Falls is ranked number one in the nation as the best small city for business and careers. This very city is found in the core of USF’s name and the heart of USF’s physical location. It’s this dynamic relationship with a thriving business and career city that is a great advantage for USF students and graduates. 

USF graduate outcome statistics prove the advantage USF students experience in the marketplace. According to a survey of graduates from the undergraduate class of 2017:

  • 98 percent were either employed or attending graduate or professional school within six months of graduation
  • 77 percent started their careers in South Dakota
  • 87 percent of grads who found employment in South Dakota lived in Sioux Falls

Not only have USF graduates taken advantage of a great job market in Sioux Falls, but their money also goes farther in this thriving small city. According to Forbes, the cost of living for Sioux Falls residents is 2 percent below the national average.

See the full Forbes list here: https://www.forbes.com/best-places-for-business/list/small/

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