July 19, 2016

Allyssa Krull, an Elementary Education major, spent the spring semester as a character attendant intern at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

“I got to work with multiple characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and Baymax,” said Krull. “While working, I was the person who talked for the characters and talked to the families in line.”

According to Krull, the Disney internship helped her become more independent and mature as she navigated living completely on her own, twenty-two hours from home. The internship also gave her experience with cross-cultural communication. 

“I experienced working with people from all over the world with different backgrounds and stories,” said Krull. “Not every guest was from the United States, so overcoming language barriers and cultural differences was a great experience for me.”

Krull says her time at Disney also helped prepare her for her future career in Education. 

“Collaborating with other teachers for lesson plans and class activities is an important part of being an educator,” said Krull. “While at Disney, I learned how to collaborate with my fellow attendants, photographers and leaders, which is a skill I will be able to use in my future career.” 

For Krull, building relationships with the other interns and people she worked with made her experience memorable. 

“Almost everyone working there is happy and excited to work for Disney,” said Krull. “That made going to work so much fun.”

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