August 16, 2016

For nursing alumna Rachel DeBoer ’16, nursing is not just a career, it is a calling. According to DeBoer, USF’s nursing program inspired her to lead a life of service and be the hands and feet of Christ.

“Any school can teach you how to start an IV or what you need to know about pharmacology, but USF’s nursing program is different,” said DeBoer. “I honestly don’t know how I could be a nurse without having Christ as my model for service. He calls us to care for those who are difficult to love, those who are sick and those who are mentally broken. He calls us to lead by washing someone else’s feet.”

DeBoer will begin her nursing career this summer at Sanford Children’s Hospital, cross-training between the Inpatient Pediatric Acute Units and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

“The profession of nursing is always changing, and there is always more to learn,” said DeBoer. “The program at USF gave me a lot of great resources, experiences and support to feel like I could jump into any area of nursing, or even go on for more education.”

For DeBoer, the best part about the program was studying under the guidance of professors who demonstrated the art of balancing a highly intellectual and demanding career and a life of faith.

“All of the USF professors are still practicing nursing, which makes their class content current and relevant,” said DeBoer. “They are all extremely passionate about their students, service and being a light in an often difficult and emotional care environment.”

In addition, being a part of a Christian Liberal Arts University gave DeBoer a broader spectrum of knowledge to apply to her nursing career.

“Taking many different types of classes for my liberal arts requirement allowed for a better understanding of the world and the people we interact with,” said DeBoer. “These classes have helped improve my communication skills with patients and families, my writing abilities and allowed me to explore other topics that I may not have even known I would enjoy or be successful in.”

DeBoer is eager to begin her career in nursing, serving others as the hands and feet of Christ.

“I am so excited to be out using the knowledge and skills God has blessed me with,” said DeBoer. “Not only for physical healing, but also to help people see their inherent worth and uniqueness as children of Christ, often at some of their most vulnerable moments.”

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