March 8, 2016

USF’s motto Culture for Service inspires faculty, staff and students to impact the world for Christ and serve those in need. Through a partnership with Dispatch Project, USF sponsored three students on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Theology and Philosophy major Luke DeBoer ‘17, Nursing major Rachel DeBoer ‘16 and Elementary Education and Special Education major Allie Thiesse ‘18, along with a team of nine, worked on a construction project to build a house for a local church pastor.

 “The pastors in these communities function as the doctors, after-school program directors and funeral directors,” said Thiesse. “Anything the community needs, the pastors provide. We wanted to give this pastor a house located in the community he is supporting. We built a cinderblock home for his family right behind their church. Although this was our main project, we were also there to build relationships and spread the word of Christ.”

According to Luke DeBoer, being able to work alongside the Haitian people was an unforgettable experience.

“Experiencing their culture and sharing the love of Christ allowed us to form many connections and friendships that I’ll never forget,” said DeBoer.

Thiesse adds that this experience prepared her to answer God’s call to serve in the future.

“I gained the insight to value what we have in the United States,” said Thiesse. “We take basic needs for granted, and there is no reason to not be thankful for what we have. God has blessed us in so many ways. God will use us as his hands to spread the word for him. The question is, are we going to answer his call to serve? I know that I am fully prepared to serve God again in whatever situation he needs me.” 

Dispatch is a group of people in Sioux Falls who hope to inspire and equip our business community to answer Christ’s call to serve those in need. To learn more, visit:

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