May 2, 2019

A member of University of Sioux Falls’ distinguished faculty was recognized this month for his service to the mathematics profession.

Dr. Shawn Chiappetta, an associate professor of mathematics and computer science, received the Mathematical Association of America North Central Section’s Meritorious Service Award. This prestigious award recognizes an individual’s service to the mathematics profession.

“Dr. Chiappetta participates in and contributes to the communities outside of and within the University, with exemplary service and representation in his various roles as a faculty, mentor, advisor, researcher/investigator, confidante and friend,” according to the award citation. “He establishes and maintains meaningful connections in the personal and professional growth of individuals associated with each of the aforementioned functions.”

Dr. Chiappetta’s commitment to service and mathematics is evident in the long resume of committee and task force positions that he has held at USF and with the Mathematical Association of America. To name a few, he has served on multiple USF Task Forces, chaired USF’s Faculty Association, served on USF’s Faculty Personnel and Welfare Committee and demonstrated leadership while holding multiple committee positions within the Mathematical Association of America. 

This October, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Chiappetta, USF will for the first time host the regional annual conference for the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges. The event will provide opportunities for colleges and universities throughout the region to interact with one another and work to improve curricula.

“Dr. Chiappetta’s career has been consistently driven by a desire to elevate the profession as a whole, not just his personal status within it,” said Dr. Jason Douma, associate vice president for institutional research and professor of mathematics at USF. “He has a distinguished record as a humble leader who has invested his considerable talent and professional energy in efforts to sustain and improve the communities in which he serves.”

The Mathematical Association of America North Central Section’s Meritorious Service Award is given once a year to a deserving individual in the North Central Section of the Mathematical Association of America. This large region, containing many excellent colleges, includes all of Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, along with most of South Dakota.

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