In January, the University of Sioux Falls received a special honor as Partner of the Year from the Sioux Empire Chapter of South Dakota Project Management Institute (PMI).

The award recognizes a local organization that has partnered with PMI representing the interests of the chapter, promoting project management and membership.

The university’s relationship with PMI has been natural as the organizations share a common pursuit of excellence in leadership and management through the means of knowledge and skill enhancing education.

PMI is an association specifically geared to enhance the careers and improve the success of management professionals in the Sioux Falls community through educational classes, symposiums and lectures. 

Although not a part of the award decision, MBA Program Director and USF Assistant Professor of Business Administration Steve Horan has served on the PMI board of directors for two years and was recently re-elected to serve another two-year term.

“USF’s relationship with PMI has been important to USF’s growth as we develop the management skills of students, faculty and staff for the community,” Horan said.

USF has hosted classes for project management professionals and sponsors the annual symposium. Additionally, awareness has come through USF faculty and coaches speaking to PMI members at the symposium allowing more opportunity for local professionals to come to campus and experience what USF have to offer.

Project manager and quality coordinated care specialist at Avera, Angela Schoffelman, specifically chose USF for her MBA after attending a symposium led by a USF coach.

“I had been thinking about going back for my MBA for some time,” Schoffelman said. “I attended the 2017 PMI symposium where I heard a speaker—Zach Mathers, a USF coach—speak about leadership, and provided very practical suggestions and speaking to the culture of USF, and I thought, ‘if I ever go back to school, that is where I want to go.’”

Schoffelman began her first class in the USF MBA program in January.

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