USF’s New Center for Workforce Development Highlights AA Degrees

May 11, 2021,

Traditional bachelor’s degrees are the cornerstone of the Christian liberal arts experience at the University of Sioux Falls. However, increasing demands for expanded educational opportunities have brought exciting new options to people of all ages and interests. 

The new Center for Workforce Development at USF allows people to pursue professional credentials, associate degrees and degree completion programs in a highly supportive environment, committed to flexibility and a top quality academic experience. Here, dedicated university professors and instructors will teach relevant and marketable skillsets designed to empower people in jobs across the region. 

“USF offers educational opportunities for every walk of life and every point of education,” says Dr. Brett Bradfield, President of USF. “When it comes to professional certificates and associate degrees, we knew there was a niche to provide these program options to the Sioux Falls region and beyond. We’re seeing more and more players especially at the Associate’s degree level in Sioux Falls, and what makes USF unique is that our degrees and credentials are built to be fully stackable. Also USF has a longstanding and solid reputation for supplying area businesses with graduates at various degree levels who have the common threads of being not only highly skilled, but are also positive, ethical, responsible and caring citizens.”

The new Center for Workforce Development allows employers a convenient way to provide employees with expanded training in a private university environment. It’s also a great solution for people looking to switch careers or further their education.

A Custom Experience
Credits obtained through the Center for Workforce Development are fully stackable, which means they seamlessly roll forward if and when students decide to continue their degree path, with opportunities on the undergraduate and graduate tracks at USF.   

“USF offers students the unique ability to upgrade their degrees even years down the road. For example, students can roll an undergrad certificate into an associate degree, and then apply those credits towards a bachelor’s degree at any time,” explains LuAnn Grossman, director of the Center for Workforce Development. “It’s completely seamless without the need to transfer any credits or retake any classes.” 

A Growing Program
The list of certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s certificates and master’s degrees offered through the Center for Workforce Development can be found at, and that list will continue to expand in the future. A Doctorate in Leadership will be also available starting summer 2021. 

“USF offers opportunities for every walk of life and every point of education,” says Grossman. “We are proud to meet the diverse needs of higher education by restructuring some of our programming in a more customized and flexible way. USF is deeply invested in education, and now people seeking certificates or associate degrees can benefit from a well-rounded and thoughtful university experience in Sioux Falls.” 

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