The Broadway hit Hamilton parallels in many ways the components of rigorous Liberal Arts study. On November 9, USF’s Annual Liberal Arts (LAR) Colloquium will dive into these equivalents with a presentation by Dr. Stephen Jackson entitled “Looking for a Mind at Work: Hamilton and the Liberal Arts”.

“Hamilton represents the kind of creative fusion of disciplines and styles that are a vital component of a Liberal Arts education,” said Dr. Jackson, assistant professor of history at USF. “I hope that students will realize through this talk that the tools we provide them with at USF—creativity, critical thinking, interdisciplinarity and empathy—will help them to ask life’s biggest questions, and to make a difference regarding the real-world problems our society faces.”

The LAR Colloquium demonstrates the rigorous academic experience that begins freshman year for students. The LAR program was established sixteen years ago to provide a unique two-semester sequence for freshmen.

“The courses introduce students to great ideas and figures,” said Dr. Kevin Cole, USF professor of English. “They build written and oral rhetorical skills, emphasize critical thinking and among other pursuits ensure that USF freshmen have a thorough understanding of the meaning and value of a Christian liberal arts education.”

The LAR Colloquium provides a hands-on experience for students to engage the importance of a Liberal Arts educations as it equips students with a holistic education to face the world with confidence.

The LAR Colloquium will take place at 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 9 in the Salsbury Science Center, Room 120 on USF’s campus. The event is free and open to the public. See the link below for a campus map and parking options.   

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