Final Exam Information

  1. All exams held in the regularly scheduled classrooms. Remote classes will have online final exams at the time listed below.
  2. The final exam schedule for online classes (100% online/asynchronous) will be noted in the course syllabus
  3. One semester hour courses will have the final exam at the last regularly scheduled meeting time.
  4. Classes which meet at 3:00 pm or after will have the final exam at the last regular class meeting time during the last week of regularly scheduled classes.
  5. All final exams should be given at the assign time. In the case of illness, the student must notify the instructor prior to the beginning of the final exam.
  6. In the event that a student has three or more final exams scheduled on the same day, the Registrar's Office is available to assist in adjusting that specific student's exam schedule so that no more than two exams are required per day.  
  7. Any questions or concerns regarding the exam schedule should be directed to the Registrar's Office.

Spring 2024 Final Exam Schedule

Wednesday - Friday, May 15-17

Classes which meet first* on Monday or Wednesday at:
Will have the final exam at:


8:00 Friday


8:00 Wednesday


10:30 Thursday


1:00 Wednesday


1:00 Friday


10:30 Friday


3:30 Wednesday

Classes which meet first* on Tuesday or Thursday at:
Will have the final exam at:


8:00 Thursday


10:30 Wednesday


1:00 Thursday


3:30 Thursday

*"First" is in reference to the MTWRF sequence and not the actual first day the class met this semester (so that, for example, a TR class is considered to have met first on a Tuesday, a MTWR class is considered to have met first on Monday)