The University of Sioux Falls has transfer credit agreements with Southeast Technical Institute, Lake Area Technical Institute, Western Dakota Technical Institute and Northwest Iowa Community College.

Southeast Technical Institute, Lake Area Technical Institute and Western Dakota Technical Institute

The University of Sioux Falls' agreements with these institutes includes the provisions outlined below. These agreements pertain only to those students who have received an A.A.S degree.

USF will:

  • Guarantee acceptance of 64 credits (units) of coursework (any courses transferred from another institution will be evaluated separately and may affect the total hours transferrable to USF);
  • Classify students with a junior level status;
  • Offer immediate entry into the Degree Completion Program;
  • Provide students with the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in only two years.*

*Some programs may require additional coursework to meet competencies. Further information regarding course equivalences, and courses which can transfer when NOT part of an A.A.S degree may be obtained in the Registrar's Office.

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC)

Students who transfer from Northwest Iowa Community College with an A.A. degree may transfer 64 s.h. and receive junior status at USF. The Registrar will evaluate any courses for possible transfer.