The environment of the University of Sioux Falls encourages all students to achieve their full potential. The faculty and staff of the University challenge and support students to grow academically and spiritually and to develop a commitment to responsible service.


The curriculum of the University of Sioux Falls provides undergraduate and graduate education that is based on the liberal arts, assists students in the development of a Christian worldview and helps them acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be responsible servant leaders in their chosen fields and communities.

Global Orientation

USF will equip students to be salt and light in the world—to be agents of God’s global work of renewal—by building their awareness of living in a diverse, but interdependent world and readying them for respectful, collaborative engagement across frontiers of ethnicity, economic status and religion to contribute to the well-being of human society.


The faculty of the University of Sioux Falls are committed to its mission and to their vocation of teaching, advising and mentoring students. They enrich their teaching by scholarly participation in their fields of expertise and by their service to the church and the community.


The students of the University of Sioux Falls are diverse with respect to age, experience, and religious tradition. They are challenged to develop a greater appreciation for other cultures, a more global perspective on current issues and a commitment to a life of service. The University welcomes all students who are serious about pursuing their educational goals in a Christian context.