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Associate’s Degree Majors at USF

Being ready often means being both smart and confident in your abilities and your future. An associate’s degree from the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota can get you where you want to be.

USF is a private university that’s based on Christian values and liberal arts traditions. USF’s solid academic options, including many associate degree majors and degree programs can help. Everything you learn and every person you meet serves a purpose.

USF’s distinctly Christian university approach to education works. Here’s how we know: 99% of our graduates secure employment or pursue graduate or professional studies within six months of finishing one of USF’s accredited undergraduate degrees. So, Associate of Science degree or Associate of Arts degree from USF? It’s your choice!

Wondering if an Associate Degree is Best for You?

Think of it like this. Thanks to USF’s strong focus on the liberal arts, earning your associate’s degree means you have a Christian university degree to show for your hard work after just two years. Whether you decide to go on to earn your bachelor’s degree or not, you leave USF’s Sioux Falls, South Dakota, campus with a finished two-year degree in your hand.

Doesn’t that sound better than a half-finished four-year degree from another college or university? We sure think so.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to take a variety of college classes from different fields of study. USF encourages you to use your associate degree experiences, along with input from your USF advisor (and your family), to find the liberal arts degree or major to match your goals and abilities.

Along the way, you’ll be able to learn more about:

  • Top jobs associate degree graduates take
  • Best associate degrees for the kind of jobs you want
  • How employers see accredited associate degrees from USF versus two-year degrees from other public or private colleges or universities

Find Your Associate Degree!

Find out now if you can earn the associate degree you want from USF? Simply use this online chart to explore your options or search for your choice:

  • Which Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees USF offers
  • Which associate degrees are also offered as bachelor’s degrees
  • Which associate degrees target specific professions and job requirements
  • Which associate degrees can be combined with other certificate programs to create a unique educational plan just for you

USF Undergraduate Programs and Majors

ProgramDegreeMajorMinorPre-ProfessionalTeaching Certification
Accounting A.A., B.A. YesYes - -
Art B.A. YesYes - Yes
Business Administration A.A., B.A. YesYes - -
General Studies A.A., B.A. Yes - - -
Graphic Design A.A. Yes - - -
Interdisciplinary A.A., B.A. Yes - - -
Media Studies A.A., B.A. YesYes - -
Radiologic Technology A.A., B.S. Yes - - -
Social Media Marketing A.A. Yes - - -
Social Science A.A., B.A. Yes - - -
Workforce and Career Studies A.A. Yes - - -

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