The focus of your studies will take place in the Joseph E. Salsbury Science Center, which is the hub of USF's Natural Sciences program. The $3.3 million building addition and renovation serves as testament to USF's commitment to its mission—to develop mature Christians who are called to serve humankind through their personal attributes and knowledge.

The Salsbury Science Center addition features:

  • Two research laboratories, one dedicated to molecular and cellular biology and another to mathematics and computer science
  • Three crossover instructional classrooms
  • Laboratories in biology, computer science and nursing
  • General-purpose classroom, constructed for versatility and adaptability for various classroom instructional methods
  • Five offices for Natural Sciences and Nursing faculty, bringing these collaborative academic areas closer together

The renovated sections of the Salsbury Science Center contain:

  • Updated classrooms, laboratories and offices in addition to revised facilities for science technologies (As an example, one space was renovated to create a science digital media art facility that lets you produce publishable posters and imagery for public presentations of your research, while another space was reorganized into a dedicated microscopy suite for collaborative student study/instruction as well as research imaging.)
  • Six instructional laboratories
  • Five traditional classrooms
  • Three crossover classroom/laboratories
  • 11 faculty offices
  • Departmental library
  • Natural Sciences central office
  • Conference/seminar room
  • Four laboratory preparation areas
  • Analytical balance room
  • Analytical instrument room
  • Electronics/optics laboratory
  • NMR suite