Cougar Careers through Symplicity is USF’s jobs and internships database where over 2,500 full- and part-time jobs, internships and careers are posted annually for students and alumni to access. It has powerful tools, and numerous ways for you to connect with students and alumni. 

This modern and intuitive platform connects employers and USF talent—current students AND alumni—to fill full- and part-time job openings, competitive internships, and so much more. Students and alumni can upload their resumes and build a profile to showcase their capabilities, and employers can post jobs and internships, request interviews and so much more! 

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Instructions for Students and Alumni

Whether you are a first-year freshman, about to graduate, or already hold alumni status, Cougar Careers is an important source for connecting, getting information on career-related events and career exploration tools. Most importantly Cougar Careers is the main platform that the University of Sioux Falls uses to post internships, job opportunities and other important career-related info. Students and alumni can upload their resumes and build a profile to showcase their capabilities and more! We encourage all students to visit the site, get familiar with the interface and download the Symplicity app.


Tips for Students and Alumni:

  1. CREATE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PROFILE - Upload your resume, link your social media, share your profile with employers and upload cover letters easily.
  2. FIND THE RIGHT MATCH FOR YOU - Personalized job recommendations are available for you to quickly scan, mark as favorites or dismiss them. Search for jobs using keywords and locations or filters to find the right job for you.
  3. APPLY TO YOUR DREAM JOB - Quickly search, sort and filter to find the right opportunity for you. Check out your favorited jobs and jobs you recently viewed and apply on your own time.
  4. TRACK DEADLINES IN REAL TIME - Track all the jobs you've applied to, scheduled and requested interviews, and receive important announcements and push notifications from USF's Career Services office.

Instructions for Employers

Cougar Careers can help employers connect with USF students and alumni online, on campus and at your location.  Browse student and alumni profiles and resumes, post jobs and internship opportunities, allow students to apply directly, request interviews and so much more!