Certificate programs allow students to learn specific career skills in order to obtain a job or specialize in their careers. Some students choose to obtain certification instead of obtaining a degree, while others take certificate programs to transfer the credits into a degree program.

Accounting Professional Certificate – 16-17 Credits/22-23 Credits

This certificate is for students who wish to upgrade their basic accounting skills and provides necessary knowledge for many accounting fields including the CPA exam. Required courses are listed below:

Prerequisites: 6 Credits

ACC225 Accounting I (3)
ACC226 Accounting II (3)

Required Core: 10 Credits

ACC325 Intermediate Accounting I (4)
ACC317 Cost Management (3)
ACC304 Individual Income Tax (3)

Elective Core: 6 Credits

ACC250 Computerized Accounting (2)
ACC326 Intermediate Accounting II (4)
ACC330 Accounting Information Systems (3)
ACC332 Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting (3)
ACC404 Organizational Tax (3)
ACC425 Advanced Accounting (3)
ACC426 Auditing (3)

Accounting Specialist Certificate – 12 Credits

This certificate is for students new to accounting and will prepare them to enter the field of bookkeeping for a for-profit organization. Required courses include the following:

ACC225 Accounting I (3)
ACC226 Accounting II (3)
ACC250 Computerized Accounting (2)
ACC325 Intermediate Accounting I (4)

Business Certificate – 15 Credits

This certificate gives students a broad foundation of business fundamentals. Upon completion of certificate requirements, students will apply foundational principles to real-world business issues and challenges. Required courses are listed below:

Required Core: 12 Credits

ACC225 Principles of Accounting I (3)
BUS306 Management (3)
BUS307 Marketing (3)
ECO212 Microeconomics (3)

Elective Core: 3 Credits

ACC226 Principles of Accounting II (3)
ECO213 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
ENT225 Entrepreneurial Mindset (3)

*A minimum of 12 credits must be completed through the University of Sioux Falls to receive a certificate.

Social Media Marketing Certificate – 18 Credits- NEW!

This certificate is for students who wish to upgrade their basic social media marketing skills. Required courses are listed below:

Required Core: 18 Credits

MED125  Intro to Social Media Management (3 s.h.)
MED225  Social Media for PR and Marketing (3 s.h.)
ART329   Web Design (3 s.h.)
MED235  Digital Strategy and Web Analytics (3 s.h.)
BUS307 Principles of Marketing (3 s.h.)
MED335 Email Marketing (3 s.h.)

International Business Certificate - 18 Credits

This certificate provides students with foundational knowledge on international business focused either in Marketing or Economics & Trade. Upon completion of the certificate requirements, students will have a better perspective on cultural considerations and logistics related to international business.

Required Core: 9 Credits

BUS319 International Business (3)
PSC214 International Relations (3)
BUS 419 International Marketing (3) or ECO452 International Economics (3)

Elective Core: 6 Credits

Two semesters of one foreign language