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Heaven to Heaven

TheatreUSF is proud to present the World Premiere of this inspiring production! Heaven to Heaven tells the complete story of the life of Jesus! Beginning from the Angelic announcement of His virgin birth, to His Temple visit at age twelve, through the few short years of His ministry, Heaven to Heaven brings to life many of the amazing stories of Jesus. While other popular musicals about Jesus end with His death on the cross, Heaven to Heaven celebrates His resurrection and triumphant return to heaven, leaving audiences filled with hope and inspiration to share His good news with others. Every God-inspired song reveals Jesus’ sacrificial life in chronological order. Was this man named Jesus just a man, a prophet, a religious figure, or could He really be the Savior of the World?
November 20–23, 2019 | 7 p.m.
November 24, 2019 | 2 p.m.

Jeschke Fine Arts Center-Meredith Auditorium 

Loving Arms

In a hushed Italian Baroque wing of a world-famous art museum, three strangers—an unemployed linguist, a city traffic manager, and a docent—forge an unlikely friendship in conversation about two paintings: one by Artemisia Gentileschi , one by Michelangelo Caravaggio. When they decide to celebrate their new-found friendship and extend their conversations over lunch, in comes an American shooter. What happens next? Is it parable? Allegory? Or just another day in America?
*this show contains subject matter not suitable for children*
February 19-21, 2020 | 7 p.m.
February 22, 2020 | 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.
Location Jeschke Fine Arts Center-Meredith Auditorium

Singin' in the Rain

When the transition is being made from silent films to `talkies', everyone has trouble adapting. In silent movies, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are a hot item but, behind the scenes, things aren't always as they appear on the big screen! Meanwhile, Lina's squeaky voice might be the end of her career in "talking pictures" without the help of a talented young actress to do the talking and singing for her. Hilarious situations, snappy dialogue and a hit-parade score of Hollywood standards make Singin' in the Rain a show not to be missed!
April 1-3, 2020 | 7 p.m.
April 4, 2020 | 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.
Location Jeschke Fine Arts Center-Meredith Auditorium