History & Political Science

Major in History & Political Science at USF

A bachelor’s degree in History & Political Science from the University of Sioux Falls will give you a solid foundation for your career in business, politics, teaching, ministry, law, library science, historical preservation, journalism or museum work.

Reasons to Major in History & Political Science

The value of a history & political science degree is not just about career prospects. History teaches us about our past, about who we are as a society, and provides the thinking skills necessary to become an informed and responsible citizen in a democracy.

As a History & Political Science major at a private university, you will:

  • Communicate historical and political knowledge in both oral and written forms
  • Master advanced knowledge of the main events, trends and actors in at least two subfields of history and the relation of these subfields to wider fields of global knowledge. Students will also be able to define major political ideas and concepts and will develop an understanding of how and why these ideas and concepts are important or influential
  • Develop an understanding of how historical conditions influenced the development and interpretation of political theories and concepts, and how various theories and concepts can be better understood by studying their historical context
  • Analyze, evaluate and synthesize information from primary and secondary sources to produce historically accurate interpretations of the past and current events
  • Compare historical and political perspectives from different cultures and describe the contributions of these perspectives
  • Evaluate the trustworthiness of evidence using the critical method
  • Assess various historiographical interpretations of major events in the past and understand the nature of historical causality

History Degree Options

Your History & Political Science degree options at USF include:

History Stories

Careers for History & Political Science Majors

Are you asking yourself, “What can I do with a History degree?” We have the answer. Some of the many career options open to undergraduate students and those with advanced degrees are listed below.

  • Archivist
  • Curator
  • History Teacher, Postsecondary
  • Judge, Magistrate Judge and Magistrate
  • Lawyer
  • Museum Technicians and Conservators
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Writers and Authors
  • Sales
  • Management

History at USF

Find extra opportunities beyond earning your bachelor’s degree in History at USF.
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The USF Writing Center allows students to develop as writers and to benefit from the training and experience provided by the Writing Center staff. English majors also serve as paid tutors in the Writing Center.

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