Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of Sioux Falls (USF) in South Dakota celebrates scholarship, ideas, culture and service as integral to our community and our life together at a Christian, liberal arts college. With exciting opportunities to learn and grow together, Honors Program students engage in the work of serving and leading across campus, in all the areas and activities USF has to offer.

Applications to the USF Honors Program are accepted on a rolling basis, with a priority deadline of April 15, 2020, for admission to the program in the 2020-21 academic year.

Honors Program Application

Mission Statement

The USF Honors Program strives to encourage exceptional students to explore widely, to think creatively and critically, to study earnestly, to live enthusiastically, to serve sincerely—to engage wholeheartedly and with integrity the world of ideas, scholarship, culture and service. In so doing, the USF Honors Program seeks to further enhance the culture of scholarship and service at the University.

Opportunities for Honors Students

  • Competitive grants for study abroad and research travel
  • Honors designation upon graduation
  • Honors designation on USF transcript
  • Social, cultural and academic activities
  • Preferred registration status

Honors Coursework

LAR 211/212, University Honors Core

The University Honors Core is an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts core. In a two-course, yearlong sequence, Honors students will receive credit for six courses out of the liberal arts core. The University Honors Core courses are team taught by full-time faculty who are committed to the vigorous inquiry and exploration of the Christian liberal arts in a community devoted to the development and curiosity of high-achieving students.

Honors Coursework in the Major

All Honors students will have the opportunity to take honors-level coursework in their major fields of study, as laid out by the department or as coordinated individually with faculty mentors.

University Honors Seminar

The capstone seminar for the USF Honors Program draws upon the liberal arts tradition and the focused training within the majors in order to explore a question, problem or concern in our contemporary world. Students will have the opportunity to guide the responses to the wide-ranging topics through research, leadership and discussion. The University Honors Seminar is team taught by full-time faculty.

University Honors Thesis

At the conclusion of Honors students’ academic careers at USF, they have the opportunity to engage in an individually designed research, creative, or applied project, mentored by faculty. This research serves as the culmination of academic pursuits at USF and as a means to demonstrate achievement in academic and professional life beyond USF.  Examples of prior Honors thesis projects include:  El Cacao: A Nursing Community Health AssessmentMind Games - Writing a Novel; A Deeper Look at Food Insecurity; Bridge Marketing to Hispanic Segments in Omaha, Nebraska; and Use of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to tag Foxi1 in intercalated cells.

USF Honors Program Admission


  • 27 ACT (preferred)
  • 3.2 GPA (preferred)
  • Admission to the University of Sioux Falls

If your ACT and/or GPA do not meet the preferred minimums yet you are willing to challenge yourself with the goals of the USF Honors Program, we invite you to apply and to explain in your application materials how you will embrace the challenges and opportunities of the program.

To complete your application for the USF Honors Program, please click on the Honors Program Application button at the top of this page to begin.


Please complete the Honors Program application form with name and contact information for one reference who is not a member of your family. This reference should be able to speak to your intention and ability to be part of an academic community.

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student interested in the USF Honors Program, please contact the school for more information and how to apply throughout the year.

Contact Us

Dr. James Foster
Honors Program Director
Phone: 800-888-1047 or 605-331-6600
Email: honors@usiouxfalls.edu