Assessment is the central component in the process of continually improving the educational experience for students at the University of Sioux Falls. Diverse data are collected and analyzed to evaluate what students have learned and are capable of accomplishing as a result of their educational experiences. The end result of this assessment process is changing the method or content of instruction, the institution’s environment or other extracurricular factors in order to improve student learning and development inside and outside of the classroom.

The goal of the University of Sioux Falls academic assessment program is to measure student learning against the academic goals and objectives of both specific academic programs and the broader university. Through the administration of tests and surveys as well as coursework, data are gathered and analyzed to measure student achievement and perceptions prior to, during, and after the college experience at the University. Assessment of the student’s knowledge, skills and attitudes in the liberal arts core curriculum as well as the student’s major field of study is conducted during the course of each academic year.

The Assessment Committee monitors the efficacy of assessment within each major or academic area as well as to the greater educational community, including the liberal arts core. The Assessment Committee recommends changes to modify or enhance existing plans of academic assessment. These recommendations are discussed and acted upon in an effort to improve the overall quality of the education program and enhance student learning.