Students interested in learning more about the audition process should begin by filling out the Fine Arts Questionnaire. Juniors, this gives you a chance to introduce yourself, share some of your performance experience, and learn more about workshops and events. Seniors, in addition to these aforementioned reasons, you will also be able to choose a date for your audition.

We encourage students to schedule an audition as soon as they feel ready at any point during their senior year. While there is a March 1 deadline, scheduling your audition in the fall or early in the spring semester will allow our department, the Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office to complete your full award package promptly. Financial Aid Offers will be held until after students audition.

Vocal Auditions

  • Singers perform two memorized vocal solos of contrasting styles (i.e., an Italian art song and an English folk tune) – perhaps pieces you've taken to contest in the past. Foreign language repertoire is encouraged but not required.
  • We follow up the solo work with sight-reading, tonal memory and a short conversation to get to know you better.
  • An accompanist is required for vocal auditions. 

Instrumental Auditions

  • Instrumentalists perform either two short pieces in contrasting styles or one longer piece that has contrasting sections.
  • We follow up the solo work with sight-reading and a short conversation to get to know you better.
  • An accompanist is not required for instrumental auditions, but you may use one if you prefer.