Jennifer Wagner, class of 2019

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Jennifer Wagner, class of 2019

Veronica Holmes, class of 2019

Q: Do I need to have experience working in healthcare with patients to do this program?

A: Healthcare experience is not a prerequisite for this program, however, having a background in patient care as an EMT, CNA, or in some other facet provides a framework to assimilate knowledge, making transitioning to nursing school and the associated clinical experiences easier. - Veronica 

Q: Beyond tuition, what other expenses should I account for to earn this degree?

A: Expense-wise you need to plan for books, transportation expenses and living expenses (housing and food). Currently, the School of Nursing purchases your stethoscope as well as covers a certain amount of your scrub uniform cost. - Jennifer

Q: Am I able to work part-time while going to school?

A: While I chose not to work during our program, students did pursue part-time job opportunities. With adequate planning and time management, working up to 15 hours a week could be manageable, as long as you are able to commit fully to your studies and have a flexible employer that will accommodate your clinical and class schedule.– Veronica

Q: How long does the accelerated nursing program take?

A: Every new cohort starts in January and graduates the following May, making this program four semesters. You are a full-time student through the summer months but get a couple of weeks break following summer semester and following other school breaks. – Jennifer

Q: What is the cost?

A: USF has one of the most affordable accelerated BSN programs that I encountered while conducting my college search. As a private university, both in-state and out-of-state students pay the same tuition. Compared to other states that have a higher cost of living, USF provides an affordable option for obtaining an accelerated BSN degree in a timely manner.  - Veronica 

“The accelerated nursing program at USF has given me the opportunity to grow not only as a future nurse but as a person too. I have received many experiences that have allowed me to see the numerous opportunities that the field of nursing creates and have also been given the chance to work at the bedside on many different units which helped me get a feel for the direction I want to take my nursing career.” - Jennifer

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