Four content areas are critical to success in the program: Accounting, Microeconomics, Finance and Statistics. If your undergraduate degree was not in business, you can take self-paced, affordable classes with Peregrine Academic Services. You can begin the MBA Program before completing these classes. Contact us at 605-331-6600 or to discuss options for the self-paced classes.” 

Transfer of Credits

A maximum of nine semester hours of graduate credit earned at other regionally accredited degree-granting institutions may be transferred into the MBA program.

Time Limit

All work to fulfill the requirements of a master's degree is to be completed within seven years from the date of the first course completed in the program.

Minimum GPA

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for all work included in both the 21-month, part-time and 12-month, full-time MBA programs.

Application for Graduation and Commencement

MBA students must apply for graduation when nearing completion of their program requirements. Applicants for May graduation must file an application for graduation prior to January 31 of the academic year. Graduation for advanced degree candidates takes place at the University's Spring commencement ceremony.


Students may enroll in any course for non-credit by registering, paying the designated audit fee and obtaining the instructor's consent. Audited courses will not count toward graduation.

Satisfactory Progress

Students are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA in a master's program. Probationary status will be assigned for one semester or course period if the GPA falls below the minimum. Graduate students will not be allowed to continue in the program if their GPA remains below the required level after the probationary period. Students on academic probation who raise their GPAs above the stated minimum will be automatically released from probationary status.