Trust Administration

The University of Sioux Falls offers three courses to help those wanting to learn more about the South Dakota trust industry. These classes are for anyone currently employed in the trust industry looking to advance their careers, or for current undergraduate students desiring to learn more about the South Dakota trust industry.

The objectives of the class are to introduce students to the following concepts:
  1. Fiduciary Standards
  2. Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) and Related Regulation
  3. Foreign Trust Administration Considerations
  4. Modern Trust Concepts
  5. Principal and Income Law
  6. Fiduciary Income Tax, Gift and Estate Tax and Generation Skipping Tax
  7. Estate Planning Strategies Utilizing Trusts
  8. Ethics
  9. Trust Investments/Unique Assets
There are three course levels offered, and each will be completely online:

Trusts I

This course covers the foundational concepts of South Dakota trust administration targeted towards students/newcomers to the industry with little to no previous experience or knowledge of trusts.

Prerequisite: BUS325 or equivalent industry experience in finance

Trusts II

This course is a second course to a three part series on South Dakota trust administration and will include a deeper dive into topics covered in Trusts I.

Prerequisite: Trusts I or 1-3 years of industry experience

Trusts III

This course is the final course in a three part series covering South Dakota trust administration concepts. Advanced discussions, applications and concepts about trust administration will be covered.

Prerequisite: Trusts II or 1-3 years of industry experience


What is the format of the class?
All classes are online without required weekly meeting times. For the Spring 2024 semester, Trust I will run from January 30 to May 17. A typical week runs from a Monday to a Sunday, with assignments usually due on Sunday. During the week, the student is able to review content and do the work in a timeline that works for them.

Are there required meeting times?
There will be optional Zoom sessions throughout the course. There are no required meeting times, if a student can't be at a Zoom session, they will be recorded and available for viewing at the student's convenience.

What is the cost of the class?
The tuition rate for the Spring 2024 semester is $400 per semester hour, all of the Trust Administration classes are 3 semester hours, for a total cost of $1,200. Books and instructional materials are an additional cost.

When will Trust II and Trust III be available?
We will make those decisions in late Spring of 2024, based on demand of the classes.

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Please contact Dr. Steve Horan at 605-331-6708 or for any questions