CAEP Annual Reporting Measures for EPP Initial Licensure Programs:

Measure 1 (CAEP R4.1)
Impact on P-12 learning and development

Faculty members review completer performance for the first three years after attaining a professional position. The student growth rating, teacher effectiveness rating, and summative teacher effectiveness rating (CAEP R4.1) are part of the professional evaluation system used by area school districts. With permission from the completers, the Fredrikson School of Education obtains actual teacher performance data directly from the school district personnel files. The performance data are collected annually for three years of follow-up data. The impact measures are posted on the FSOE webpage to distribute them to the public.

Student Growth Rating by Year of Completion2020-212019-202018-19
"Expected" or "High" Rating87%100%


South Dakota does not provide information on graduate impact on student learning from the South Dakota Department of Education (SD DOE). We have added a partnership with the Harrisburg School District. We will continue to work with the SD DOE to determine if there may be a more comprehensive means to obtain data.

Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

Teacher Effectiveness ratings for first through third-year teachers who have completed the FSOE programs at USF are provided by the Sioux Falls School District. With permission from the completers, the Fredrikson School of Education obtains actual teacher performance data directly from the school district personnel files.

Professional Practice Ratings by Year of Completion2020-212019-202018-19
Basic, Proficient, or Distinguished Rating100%100%89%

As a combination of Student Growth and professional practice ratings, a Summative Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Rating is derived: Below Expectations, Meets Expectations, or Exceeds Expectations. This feedback is delivered to practicing teachers each year by the principal and is the basis for continued employment and advancement milestones.

Summative Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Rating by Year of Completion2020-212019-202018-29
Meets Expectations or Exceeds Expectations Ratings93%100%89%


Measure 2 (CAEP R4.2, R5.3)
Satisfaction of Employers (R4.2)

In spring 2022 employer surveys were received from 12 out of 15 employers of teachers who had completed their preparation in 2020-2021 for an 80% response rate. Employers of 12 of 20 second-year teachers who had completed their program in 2019-2020 responded for a 60% response rate. Employers of 12 of 19 third-year teachers who had completed their program in 2018-2019 responded to the survey for a 63% response rate. The average response on a 1 to 5 scale was 4.71 (very satisfied). From the employer respondents, 35 of 36 (97%) were satisfied with the preparation program relative to actual teaching responsibilities. 

Stakeholder Involvement (CAEP R5.3)
Teacher Education Committee

The Teacher Education Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Association. Alumni and stakeholders from area school districts serve on the committee. The TEC serves as the program's appeal committee in addition to regular duties such as review of curriculum, policies, and approval of candidates for teacher certification. Below is a link to summary information. 

Teacher Education Committee Minutes

Council for Pre-Service Education and Staff Development

The Sioux Falls Council for Preservice Education and Staff Development (CPESD) has representatives from several area education program providers and Sioux Falls District administrators. It meets twice yearly to create and review mutually agreeable procedures and policies. Below is a link to summary information.

CPESD Notes and Minutes

Measure 3 (CAEP R3.3)
Candidate Competency at Completion

For 2021-22, 100% of the Elementary, Secondary/K12, Special Education, and M.Ed. in Teaching students successfully completed their teacher residency.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates for undergraduates and for the FSOE are tracked as part of the University of Sioux Falls IPEDs reporting, and these are linked publicly on the USF website for the Fredrikson School of Education. The graduation rates are calculated for First-time Freshmen Cohort groups at the standard 4-year and 6-year time periods. 

Graduation Rate Initial Level

Ability of Completers to Meet Licensing (Certification) and Any State Requirements; Title II

The Title II report offers statewide comparative benchmarks regarding candidate performance on required Praxis II Content Exams and Praxis II PLT Exams. This report shows that completers at the initial levels are able to meet licensing requirements for South Dakota as well as for other states.

Title II Report

Measure 4
Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions for Which They Have Been Prepared.

Placement rates for initial programs are reported. The high placement rate shows that completers can be hired at positions for which they have prepared. 

EducationMay 2022 % EmployedMay 2022 Response RateMay 2021 % EmployedMay 2021 Response Rate
Elementary Education/Special Education100%89%100%100%
7-12 Secondary Education/K-12 Education100%100%100%100%