Amanda Bork, Special Education Endorsement, Expected Graduation 2019

Q: How do I apply?

A: When I needed to get my Certification for Special Education, I connected with my school district and they filled out the necessary paperwork. Once they filled it out, they sent it to me to sign.

Q: I don’t quite understand who is eligible for this?

A: Educators who are recommended by their school district or a school district in which they are applying for a special education position. I taught kindergarten for 7 years and then I decided to expand my experience by applying for a position in special education. I interviewed and due to my background and knowledge in working with students who were eligible for special education, the district felt that with finishing my special education degree I would be a logical candidate for the position. I also did have my minor in special education as well as a Masters in Educational Leadership.

Q: How many credits is the Special Education alternative endorsement?

A: 15

Q: If I’m teaching full time, how can I handle the practicum part?

A: I am currently teaching and enrolled in the practicum course – it helps immensely to be teaching simultaneously when taking this practicum. If it wasn’t during the school year it would be very difficult to complete the necessary assignments and have the resources you need.

Q: My principal asked me to teach in our resource room next fall, but I don’t have the endorsement. Would USF be able to help me become qualified?

A: Yes–you can work on the certification while teaching special education. This is my first year teaching special education and I started courses for the certification the summer prior to starting this new position.

Q: Would I be required to come to campus?

A: No, everything I have participated in has been online and instructors are extremely helpful even though we are not face-to-face.

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