Please use the on-line application which may be found on the South Dakota Department of Education website, Office of Accreditation & Teacher Quality. Once there, you have several choices, including initial licensure (first-time teachers), renewal, additional authorizations (program completion for principals, reading specialists, superintendents, etc.), and additional endorsements (for less than program completion). This website includes everything you'll need to know about licensure.

Items needed:

Universities attended, dates, degrees, majors; Praxis II test scores and dates; credit card.


The Fredrikson School of Education Certification Officer will send your official transcript to Pierre for you. Two exceptions: 1. If you are in the M.Ed. in Teaching program, your content is actually from your previous degree; 2. If you have a previous degree and are here obtaining elementary education certification, much of your coursework comes from that undergraduate transcript. In both of these cases, an official transcript from your undergraduate institution will be needed. If that undergraduate degree was earned at USF, the Certification Officer will obtain that one for you, as well. If not, please have your university send an official transcript directly to Michelle Hanson. That way, everything can be sent together and there is less chance of a mix-up. Although USF has an official transcript from your application process, that transcript must stay in your file as part of the permanent record.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Certification Officer cannot sign off until your grade/degree has been posted, which usually happens in late December or early June (depending upon your graduation date). If you have an outstanding balance or another type of hold on your account, the Registrar is unable to print an official transcript. The sign-off cannot be completed until an official transcript is available. If you plan to apply for certification in a different state, it is recommended that you apply in South Dakota. The fee is very reasonable and some states require that you have a license from the state in which you were prepared. However, in recent years, the processing time has increased. Thus, you may need to apply for both at the same time. Access a hard copy of the application by searching the Department of Education website. Select the application specifically for individuals who have been trained out-of-state. Typically, there is a portion that must be completed by the Registrar or Certification Officer, referring to the USF certification officer. Even if you are missing a requirement, most states will issue a provisional license for one year.

Teacher Certification/Licensure

The University of Sioux Falls educator preparation programs are approved by the South Dakota State Board of Education.  USF is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Fredrikson School of Education is nationally accredited by CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.)  All students who complete a program are eligible to be recommended for an initial South Dakota teaching certificate regardless of the state in which they reside, and they are encouraged to apply for South Dakota teacher certification immediately upon completion of their degree.

Teacher education graduates may also be eligible for University of Sioux Falls recommendation for certification in other states. Teaching certification/licensure requirements vary among states. Please refer to the Professional Licensure Disclosures and speak to your academic advisor for more information.