Sarah Kanable, class of 2019

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Sarah Kanable, class of 2019

Grant Stivers, class of 2019

Q: How long does it take to complete this degree?

A: This degree can be completed within two years.  Courses must be taken through the summer in order for that to be completed.  Each semester is usually six semester credit hours except for the final semester, which is 10-11 semester credits. – Grant

Q: How much does this cost?

A: The cost per credit hour is quite comparable to most graduate programs. – Grant

Q: I have a bachelor’s degree and am looking to become a teacher. What’s the fastest I can accomplish this?

A: I completed the program in just under two years. It went quickly, but I feel I’m fully equipped to care for and educate my students based on my experience at USF. – Sarah 

Q: How can USF help me land my first job as a teacher once I’ve completed my degree? 

A: USF offers fantastic professional support. The Academic Success Center helped me build my resume, and professors are constantly sending out job openings that have been funneled through other USF connections.  – Sarah

Q: If there’s a specific school district I want to get a job with, how can USF help me get that job?

A: I would suggest being flexible when job searching at the end of this program.  Many times the district you are looking at may not even be hiring for your desired position, so it is good to be flexible and open to any and every school district that has a vacancy you can fill.  If you are dead set on trying to land a job at a specific district, I would definitely try to get placed for student teaching within that district so people can become familiar with your name and the possible positions you could fill for them in the future. - Grant

Q: Can this be done online?

A: Some of the classes are available online. The online classes helped limit the time on campus, but for me, the in-person classes on campus were the most formative part of the graduate program. Spending time in class with other students gave me the opportunity to learn from so many other people than just my professor. I asked questions and gained perspectives that could only have come from the relationships and time spent in class. - Sarah

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