Study abroad for a semester. Be influenced for life.

Technology has brought people together, and when you graduate from the University of Sioux Falls (USF) in South Dakota, you’ll find today’s career opportunities span the globe. Increase your marketability before you hit the workforce by applying to participate in USF’s Study Abroad Program, which focuses on cultural immersion, global awareness and enriched life experiences.

USF partners with universities in Germany, Greece, Korea, Puerto Rico and South Africa to offer adventurous students like you the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. USF also has partnerships with ISA and CAPA to offer opportunities in more than 25 countries. When you embark on an international studies experience as an undergraduate through the University of Sioux Falls, you aren’t alone. You are fully supported by your advisor and faculty members, who continue to guide your academic career using the values of a Christian university.

As a private, faith-based college, USF is proud to partner with five international universities that complement our academic requirements and allow you to pay normal USF tuition, fees and room rates during your semester abroad.

The American University of Greece, DEREE, Athens, Greece

  • Community: Historically rich city of Athens, population 4.5 million, known as the "Cradle of Western civilization" and one of the greatest capitals of Europe
  • Campus: Modern classrooms, impressive library and Olympic-quality athletic facilities located on a breathtaking hillside at the edge of Athens
  • Academics: Twenty-one majors, 32 minors and 1,000 courses taught in English by accomplished scholars
  • Student Body: Ninety percent Greek for full-cultural immersion
  • Athletics: Diverse intercollegiate and intramural sports played in Olympic-quality facilities, the official training site of the U.S. Olympic team
  • Language: English spoken in classrooms, Greek and English on campus
  • Known for: Located in a city considered the cornerstone of philosophy, history and literature

Handong Global University, Pohang, Korea

  • Community: A population of 500,000 people situated on the coast city of North Gyeongsang Province
  • Campus: Smaller, Christian liberal arts campus with undergraduate enrollment around 3,500
  • Academics: Majors taught in English include Global Management, Information Technology and U.S. and International Law with 30 percent of other major courses taught in English
  • Student Body: Thirty-one nations represented on campus with nearly 10 percent international students
  • Language: Korean and English, with some majors and courses taught in English
  • Known for: First university in Korea to emphasize global education, focused on Christian worldview and dynamic "World changing" philosophy

Universidad del Este, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Community: Located in Carolina on the eastern part of a beautiful tropical island
  • Campus: Twenty-one acre suburban campus featuring modern, spacious buildings and a student population of 12,700 students
  • Academics: Twenty-four baccalaureate programs
  • Student Body: Mostly commuting young adults from the surrounding communities
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Known for: Colorful Puerto Rican culture and island community

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  • Community: Metropolitan city of 1.3 million people
  • Campus: Modern learning centers and newly built classrooms surrounded by spectacular beaches, mountains and indigenous forest land
  • Academics: Five hundred programs and well-known for art and design, building, accounting, engineering, health and environmental sciences and information technology
  • Student Body: African students from 34 countries on the continent and a network of diversity that comes from a leading globalization program
  • Athletics: Twenty-four sport clubs on campus
  • Language: English among dozens of others

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