USF — A Globally Oriented Christian Liberal Arts University

USF will equip students to be salt and light in the world—to be agents of God's global work of renewal—by building their awareness of living in a diverse, but interdependent world and readying them for respectful, collaborative engagement across frontiers of ethnicity, economic status and religion to contribute to the well-being of human society.

USF will develop students to be intentional, fruitful participants in the worldwide endeavor of the following:

  1. To bring reconciliation and justice in interpersonal, intercultural and international relationships.
  2. To ensure access for all segments of society to the necessities of life and to marketplace opportunities for economic and social uplift.
  3. To obtain freedom for all people from oppression, exploitation and servitude.
  4. To understand and promote stewardship of the biosphere.
  5. To apply scientific learning and creativity to the promotion of human well-being.
  6. To appreciate and generate diverse expressions of beauty and excellence to the glory of God.
  7. To present Christ in such a way that all have the opportunity to enter into the life lived with and for Him and empowered by Him.