Through disciplined study and practice of God's Word, we seek to provide a theological education that will draw you closer to the Lord whom we serve, allowing your life to become more and more devoted to Jesus Christ, to His church, and to the work of His kingdom.

The Theology department aims to do its essential part in fulfilling the University's mission: "To foster academic excellence and the development of mature Christian persons for service to God and humankind in the world."

The University of Sioux Falls upholds the core Christian commitment to Jesus Christ as Prophet, Priest and King. Jesus of Nazareth was God Incarnate in truly human form, the long awaited King and Shepherd, not only for Israel, but for all humankind.

Prophet - Jesus provides through His ministry and teaching, the definitive revelation of God's nature as well as the normative model for all human life.

Priest - By means of his obedient life, his death on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead, Jesus has removed the separation between humanity and God that had resulted from sin.

King - Jesus reigns in resurrected glory over the establishment of God's peace and justice in His creation, and has complete sovereignty over all existence.

We trust the authority of the Bible as God's written Word. The Holy Spirit graced God's people with the revelation of the Scriptures through human witness. Scripture serves the role of pointing us to Christ and providing a means of encountering Him. Though they were written long ago, God speaks to us and to the present world through them. In the Word of God, we are called to receive peace with God and to give the reconciliation from Jesus to each other.

As a Christian institution, we are an academic community that seeks greater understanding in the light of our faith. We search openly with desire for a deeper knowledge of God and creation by which to advance human understanding in order to serve God more effectively in the world.