USF M.Ed. student Allan Idjao.

USF Takes a Distinctively Christian Approach to Graduate Education

Earn your master’s degree. Take a big step. Grow your success. At the University of Sioux Falls (USF) in South Dakota, we take a distinctly Christian approach to graduate education. Choose USF and you can integrate your faith in God into your master’s degree program.

Whether you attended a Christian college before or not, you’ll enjoy many benefits of attending a private, Christian university for graduate school. USF believes that ethics, respect, compassion and support matter for every single master’s degree student. We’re proud to welcome adult students of all ages, backgrounds and faiths into our fellowship of graduate students.

We’re pleased to show you how USF’s graduate schools are different from day one. We’re happy to guide you through USF’s graduate admissions application process, including graduate school admissions requirements and graduate degree program admissions deadlines.

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Doctorate in Leadership
  • All 60 credits of the doctorate degree are newly designed specifically for this program built into modules on the topics of responsible leadership, institutional leadership and visionary leadership.
Master of Business Administration
Master of Education
Education Specialist

Your Graduate Degree Goals. You’re looking into graduate admissions at USF for a reason. Let us help you define and achieve your graduate degree goals.

Your Master’s Degree. USF knows you have many options of colleges and universities where you can earn your graduate degree – on campus or online. If you’re looking to do more than earn your master’s degree, we invite you to consider the USF difference. With USF, you’ll experience a sense of true fellowship and a graduate degree program based in Christian values – whether you take master’s degree classes on our campus in Sioux Falls, take one of our online master’s degree programs or earn your graduate degree by taking both on-campus and online classes.

Your Master’s Degree Options. USF gives you plenty of choices for top master’s degree programs – including several online graduate degree programs.

Your Graduate School Professors. USF’s graduate degree program professors serve as academic and professional mentors. In other words, they don’t simply teach. They lead. Choose USF, and we’ll help you become your best self.

Your Graduate School Community. Most graduate degree programs at USF are smaller than at other universities. The quality, character and ethics of your classmates matter. So why not earn your master’s degree with people you like and respect? USF is a true Christian community that supports your success.