Mike Grevlos, Ed.D.

Professor, Psychology


  • Ed.D., Educational Psychology: Motivation, Learning, and Cognition, University of South Dakota, 1997

Courses Taught

  • PSY 201 - General Psychology
  • PSY 340 - Psychology of Sport & Exercise
  • PSY 390 - Special Topics: Psychology & Christianity
  • PSY 408 - Biological Psychology
  • PSY 422 - Motivation & Emotion
  • PSY 390 - Special Topics: Moral Psychology
  • PSY 390 - Special Topics: Positive Psychology

Professional Memberships

Association for Applied Sport Psychology; Association for Psychological Science


  • Motivational Psychology; Moral Psychology; Sport Psychology; Behavioral Neuroscience; Mental Performance Coaching


Dissertation: A Comparison of the Skill Training Conditions of Expert and Intermediate Female Golfers

Scholarships and Creative Work

  • The Motivation Game: A Course on The Psychology of Golf Improvement
Book Chapters
  • Short-Game Motivation in the The Lost Art of the Short Game by Karl Morris and Gary Nichol.
  • What is Motivation, Really? Creative Energy, LLC Sioux Falls, SD
  • Motivation and Employee Well-Being; South Dakota Leadership Academy; Mitchell, SD

Service/Volunteer Work

Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Social Psychology Committee; Reviewer of Conference Presentations

International Sport Coaching Journal


Sioux Falls Civil Service Board

Board Member