Use the Estimated Cost Worksheet below to determine the remaining out-of-pocket amount (if any) that you will be expected to pay to the USF Student Accounts Office prior to your arrival at USF. Being well prepared for any out-of-pocket costs is very important in a smooth transition to college and allows for few financial surprises.

There are many additional methods of payment to cover the out-of-pocket cost such as outside scholarships, the FACTS monthly payment plan, Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan, Private Education Loans, and part-time job opportunities. The USF Financial Aid Office can assist you as you determine which option or combination of options is the best for you.

*Funding should be in place by August 15th and January 15th prior to the start of each semester.

Other sources of funding:

  • Outside Scholarships
  • Employer Reimbursement - Some employers provide assistance to their employees in the form of paying for educational expenses. If you are receiving tuition reimbursement for tuition assistance from your employer, you are required to provide documentation each semester notifying the University of Sioux Falls of the amount of the benefits. If your employer has a designated form for this purpose, you may submit that form. You may also use the USF Employer Reimbursement Form, if you choose. Click here for a copy of that form
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs - Eligible students should contact appropriate tribal offices for information and application procedures.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation - Eligible students should contact their local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for information and application procedures.
  • Veterans Education BenefitsFollow this link for more information