Listed below is a comprehensive list of tuition and costs at the University of Sioux Falls. Out of state tuition is the same as in state tuition.

Tuition and Costs for 2024-25

The price of attending college consists of direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are expenses that will appear on your USF student account statement. Indirect costs will not appear on your account but are estimated expenses associated with going to college.

Undergraduate Direct Costs for 2024-25

  • Full-time Tuition: $21,150
  • General University Fee: $600
  • Block Meal Plan: $4,120
  • Unlimited Meal Plan: $4,450
  • Kroske/Burgess/Grand Island Hall: $4,250*
  • Sullivan Hall: $4,820*
  • Collier Baker Hall: $5,140*
  • North Hall: $5,340*

*Cost based on double occupancy.

Undergraduate Indirect Costs for 2024-25

  • Books and Supplies: $1,000
  • Transportation: $1,775
  • Personal Expenses: $2,660
  • Loan Fees: $80

Total cost of attendance for a student living on-campus: $36,535

Per-Credit Rates



1 to 9 Credits


10 and 11 Credits


General University Fee for Part-time Students

$125 per semester

Summer  (2025)


Overload  (Credits over 16)



Applicable to new, first-time students only.

Tuition Deposit


Housing Deposit


Complimentary Services

  • Parking / Parking Permits
  • Student ID  (replacement ID costs $25)
  • Technology / Printing
  • Transcript Fee  (paper transcript, free; official electronic version, $5)

Course Fees

Art Class


CPR Class


Private Music Lessons


Nursing Fee  (only applies to 8-semester nursing program)

$100 per nursing credit

Graduation Fees

Undergraduate Graduation


Graduate Graduation


Doctoral Graduation


Accelerated Nursing Tuition and Costs



Cost Per Credit

Accelerated Nursing January 2023 cohort

Accelerated Nursing January 2024 cohort





View Indirect Costs 



Master of Business Administration Tuition and Costs

Master of Education Tuition and Costs



Cost Per Credit 2024-2025

Master of Education in Educational Administration (Adult and Higher Education)



Master of Education in Teaching



Master of Education in Educational Leadership



View Indirect Costs


*Please note that K-12 majors (music, foreign language, physical education and art) will need an additional credit in methods

Education Specialist Tuition and Costs



Cost Per Credit 2024-2025

Education Specialist in Educational Administration (Superintendent or Principal)



View Indirect Costs


Doctorate in Leadership Tuition and Costs

Ed.D. CreditsCost Per Credit 2024-2025
Doctorate in Leadership    60*                    $525

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*USF alumni holding an Ed.S. degree will only need 30 credits.