Meet USF Graduate and Registered Nurse Emily Foster 

June 30, 2022,

After earning a bachelor degree in psychology, Emily Foster thought her path in life was clear. That all changed when she went on a mission trip to Latin America and saw firsthand the amazing impact nurses had on so many lives. When she returned home, she followed her dream by enrolling in the University of Sioux Falls’ Accelerated Nursing Program. Today Emily is a registered nurse working in the recovery room of a major hospital. What follows is Emily’s story in her own words.   

What motivated you to return to school and earn a degree in nursing?

I was motivated to go into nursing after a mission trip to Guatemala. There I saw the real difference nurses can make and how large the need was in this specific area of health care. For me, it was an opportunity to be able to positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis.

Now that you’ve been working for a while, how do you feel about your decision to start a new career in nursing?

Earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through USF has changed my life in that I’m able to have not just a career but a vocation and a calling that I’m able to pursue every day.

I have found nursing to be very rewarding and very needed. My favorite part of being a nurse is being there for my patients and coworkers.

Why did you choose the University of Sioux Falls’ Accelerated Nursing Program?

I compared costs for Accelerated Nursing Programs across the country and USF was the most affordable and most beneficial program for me. I had also heard a lot of excellent reviews about the program.

Once I started, there was a definite sense of community in the Accelerated Nursing Program. We’re all there for each other and some of my best friends to this day are people that I met through the program.

What do you think about the nursing faculty at USF?

In the Accelerated Nursing Program you are equally challenged and cared for. The USF professors helped me succeed in the program by the way they selflessly took time out of their own lives to tutor me to be sure I got the specific instruction I needed.

They truly taught me how to be competent and compassionate and worked with me one-on-one throughout the entire process.

Did the fact that the University of Sioux Falls is an accredited Christian university make a difference to you?

One of the reasons I chose USF was the ability to combine my faith and my love of learning and pursue them at the same time. The University of Sioux Falls feels like a campus family and everyone from the faculty and staff to my fellow students were very supportive.

What would you tell someone considering attending USF’s Accelerated Nursing Program?

You will not regret doing the Accelerated Nursing Program at the University of Sioux Falls. You are supported and cared for by the professors throughout the process and they work very hard to make sure you’re successful.

The school offers on-campus, nontraditional student housing which can make attending easier and the accelerated format means you can rejoin the workforce in as few as four semesters.

The whole experience was truly life-changing and having the opportunity to help so many people is priceless.

USF Accepts Accelerated Nursing Program Students Once a Year

You can learn more about the University of Sioux Falls’ Accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing Program, and apply online. The deadline for 2023 applications is July 15, 2022, and classes begin in January 2023.

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