USF students working in Media Center as they film College Week.

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KCFS Radio

The University of Sioux Falls Media Center

USF’s Media Center offers students the most updated resources available. The lab features KCFS Student Radio, an HD video studio and control room, a new podcasting space, and 26 multimedia editing computers featuring the Adobe CC Creative Suite. Media students record 4K, HD, and 360 video footage using Sony and Panasonic cameras.  In addition, the Media Center is completely interfaced allowing students to both simulcast and web stream video versions of their programs. Students get hands-on experience with all phases of Video Production, Digital Storytelling, 2D/3D Motion Graphics, Media Graphics, and Corporate Video Producing. This lab will prepare students for their careers after graduation, as they will be able to work with relevant equipment used in the professional world.

USF Vessel

The USF Media Studies department produces professional video production and news programming. During its history, the program has had different formats and has been called Sioux Falls Forum, Focus on Sioux Falls, USF SportsLine, and USF College Week. Multimedia stories can be found at the USF Vessel website.

The Vessel

USF Vessel Magazine

USF Vessel Magazine is a student publication of the University of Sioux Falls. Topics focus on campus activities, local news, sports, entertainment, arts, music, creative writing and more.

The magazine's mission is twofold: (1) To serve the University of Sioux Falls by providing fair, accurate and complete information about news and events relevant to the University; and (2) To serve as a training ground for Media Studies and other University of Sioux Falls students to learn and practice technical and professional aspects of journalism, including accuracy and completeness in reporting fairness and balance in gathering and writing the news and the ethical behavior of journalism.

Vessel Magazine

KCFS Radio

KCFS - USF's student-operated radio station plays a wide variety of music. Students learn how to program music, become on-air radio talent, host radio talk shows, and produce podcasts. 

KCFS has been updating its library on a regular basis, but station managers would like listeners' input. If you have new or exciting music to share, contact the KCFS team at