IMPACT Student Leadership is an opportunity for USF students to grow in Christ-centered leadership. Through a range of experiences, IMPACT inspires, challenges, and trains students to be change agents who cast a vision for the campus and their areas of influence. They serve the community in many ways that strengthen the USF community.

Campus Ministry Advocate

Campus Ministry Advocates (CMAs) fosters an inclusive and welcoming community, deeper connection and reflection and supporting students as they engage in meaning-making prayer, spiritual development, and discipleship.

Cougar Activities Board

The Cougar Activities Board (CAB) creates diverse events, programs, and activities that encourage personal growth, community engagement, and compliments the educational experiences for the student body.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) seek to introduce, connect, and empower all new students to USF and facilitate a spirit of success. They are committed to providing a supportive transition for new students by fostering a sense of belonging through intentional programming.

Resident Assistants

Residential Assistants (RAs) focus on facilitating and fostering a positive, safe, and comfortable environment within the residence hall that contributes to the overall intellectual, social, physical, moral, and cultural development of the residents.

Student Senate

Student Senate represent and advocate for the student body. They seek to enrich the quality of student life, manage and provide funding for all clubs and organizations, and help students discover the many opportunities to build a better community at USF. Student Senate also oversee our Clubs and Organizations on campus.

Student Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of the Student Body President, Student Senate Secretary & Treasurer, President of Cougar Activities Board, and the President of Campus Ministries. They are the bridge between students, staff, and faculty and provide access to information, services, and programs to students.

Our hope is to help you find a home at the University of Sioux Falls. We want your student experience to include joining a club or organization, attending campus events, enjoying campus traditions, or being involved in our student leadership program.