USF student praying with patients

We believe that student leadership development and service is a cornerstone in supporting our students to become engaged citizens. Student leadership and service involves cultivating a frame of mind for exploring self, others and community.

Service at USF

Culture for Service is the traditional motto of the University. We seek to foster academic excellence and the development of mature Christian persons for service to God and humankind in the world. 

Annually USF organizes a Culture for Service Day. On this campus-wide day of service, hundreds of students volunteer their time to give back to the Sioux Falls community. Culture for Service Day is a way to introduce service opportunities to students and connect them with the community.

Places to Serve in the Sioux Falls Community

USF students live out Culture for Service by regularly serving at the following places:

On-Campus Leadership Opportunities

There are many leadership opportunities for students on campus. IMPACT (Impacting Many People As Christ Taught) engages a select group of USF student leaders to grow in Christ-centered leadership through various experiences. This development is nurtured by inspiring, challenging, equipping, training, honoring and affirming students to be change agents who cast a vision for the campus and their areas of influence. This umbrella organization supports and develops multiple leadership areas on campus, including:

Campus Ministry Advocate

Each living area on campus has a Campus Ministry Advocate (CMA) who is responsible for encouraging spiritual growth in the lives of students in their living area. Each CMA provides counsel and encouragement while planning and directing the activities that foster the spiritual life in that living area. In short, the CMA is the pastor of each living area. CMAs also provide opportunities for students to become involved in ministry on campus, in the local community and worldwide. Learn more about Campus Ministry

Cougar Activities Board

The Cougar Activities Board (CAB) is made up of a team of students who grow and develop as leaders through the planning and implementation of campus events. Every student has a different role which helps create a more vibrant campus.

Orientation Coordinators

Orientation Coordinators are a team of students who assist in the transition that new students make from home to university life. The member becomes involved in individual students' lives and assists in carrying out group activities and programs.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are experienced student leaders who have demonstrated academic and community success. Their main focus is to develop relationships with new students and to assist them with transitioning to university life. Peer Mentors connect with new students through the SDV100 course, which is part of the First Year Experience. SDV100 introduces students to the USF community and encourages a holistic approach to life-long learning.

Resident Assistants

Each living area is assigned a student to serve as a Resident Assistant. The responsibility of the RA is to lead residents in developing an atmosphere that will help students in spiritual, academic and social growth. As representatives of the Office of Student Life, they are also entrusted with the responsibility to see that all regulations concerning housing and conduct are maintained. As mentors, encourages, counselors and organizers of living area activities, the RAs are a vital element of the Residence Life program.

Resident Hall Council

Residence Hall Council is a student-run organization overseen by the Student Life Office. The Council is dedicated to advocating for the interests and welfare of residence hall students, while also providing opportunities for their personal growth and development. It is an organization of students committed to developing leadership, honoring diversity, recognizing achievement, promoting scholarship, as well as stimulating engagement and involvement among students who reside in the residence halls.

Student Government

The University of Sioux Falls Student Government is made up of two areas, the Executive Council and Student Senate. The Executive Council provides leadership to the USF student body, administers campus programs and acts as the primary liaison between the student body and the faculty/administration. Student Senate is the representative body of the USF Student Body, operating in cooperation with the Executive Council and the University Administration, managing the Student Senate budget and facilitating campus community through an active club and organization system.

Other leadership opportunities include:

  • Cougar Cupboard Ambassador
  • Music Ensembles
  • Student Admissions Ambassadors
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Internships and Experiential Learning

Being located in the center of the largest city in South Dakota, there are many internship opportunities in the area. Check out Purple Briefcase to see a list of internship and job offerings.