MBA and Healthcare Concentration at USF

Do you want to bring an MBA mindset and your experience and talent into the healthcare field? With courses offered online and on campus, this accredited MBA degree can help you transform your life. No matter if you graduated from college years ago or you recently finished your bachelor’s degree, the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota understands your goals and best hopes for getting an accredited MBA with a concentration in Healthcare.

You can be a part of USF’s community of MBA program and other students. Among your professors and MBA classmates, you’ll find people of all faiths and backgrounds. Some started out with business degrees or nursing degrees. Some majored in something else and bring healthcare work experience into the MBA program – including doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to add a top MBA school education to their resume.

Why USF for Your MBA Degree?

Accredited. USF has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Not all MBA programs can say that. Be sure you ask all the MBA schools you’re considering about their accredited status, especially when it comes to an MBA with a healthcare concentration.

Christian. USF is a private Christian University. Choose USF, and you’ll do more than choose an MBA school. You’ll join a true Christian fellowship, with an MBA education and healthcare connections that can help grow your career.

Healthcare Concentration. Opportunities in healthcare are growing for professionals with an MBA with a concentration in healthcare. Get ahead, be a leader and serve your community with your experience, education and values. 

The MBA program includes a minimum of 36 semester hours. Students will complete the core MBA courses (24 s.h.) and the Healthcare concentration (12 s.h.) 

MBA Program Course Descriptions 

Core MBA Courses (24 s.h.)

BUS 510

Managerial Communications

(3 s.h.)

BUS 520

Managing Organizational Dynamics

(3 s.h.)

BUS 524

Marketing Management

(3 s.h.)

BUS 530

Leadership & Ethical Management

(3 s.h.)

BUS 535

Cost Management

(3 s.h.)

BUS 550

Managerial Economics

(3 s.h.)

BUS 554

Financial Planning and Control

(3 s.h.)

BUS 560

Strategic Management

(3 s.h.)

Healthcare Concentration (Choose 12 s.h.)

BUS 518

Health Care Systems

(3 s.h.)

BUS 528

Innovation and Problem Solving

(3 s.h.)

BUS 532

Legal & Regulatory Issues in Healthcare

(3 s.h.)

BUS 538

Project Management

(3 s.h.)

BUS 556

Current Issues in Health Care

(3 s.h.)

When can I start?

Rolling enrollment makes starting this program simple. New classes begin every 7 weeks. (September,  November, January, March and June).

Have questions about the MBA Healthcare Management concentration? See Real Answers  from students.

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There is no fee to apply for admission to USF’s MBA program, and it can take as little as 20 minutes. Please follow the steps below to apply. 


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A personal statement is required. Using your best writing skills, you will explain in 250-500 words your long-term education and career goals, stating any areas of specific interest and experience that may be relevant to your graduate program.


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Applicants must contact all colleges and universities previously attended to request that official transcripts be sent directly to the Admissions Office. Faxes are not considered official transcripts. 


Connect with us.

Applicants are encouraged to call or email the MBA office at any time throughout the application process. You are also welcome to contact the MBA staff for a campus visit. Once your completed application materials are received, the admissions committee will review them. You may be asked to interview with a graduate faculty member as part of the application review process. You will be notified of the committee's decision in a timely manner.


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