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Don’t just learn it. Live it.

The best way to learn about anything is by immersing yourself in it, whether it’s a language, a faith or life itself. When you’re immersed in something, you’re fully engaged. You’re unafraid. You’re supported. Entering college is a good time to jump headlong into life and all that you can be. The University of Sioux Falls is a Christian, liberal arts University that will give you the tools you need to reach your full potential and land your dream job. 

How do we know that the University’s distinct approach to the liberal arts works for USF students? Within six months of graduation, 99% of our students find employment in their chosen fields. That’s across all of our accredited undergraduate majors and includes all graduates earning an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree from USF. 

Which Major is Best for You?

That’s a good question. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer yet. Thanks to USF’s commitment to the liberal arts, you’ll have time to explore your options through core course requirements, which give you the chance to sample college classes from a variety of majors and degree programs. Based on those experiences and with the help of your USF advisor (and your family), we’re confident that you’ll find the best major for your talents and goals.

Along the way, you’ll be able to learn more about:

  • Top jobs for various majors
  • Best majors for the job or career you want
  • How employers view and value accredited undergraduate degrees, internships and other real-world experiences

Find Your Major!

Does USF offer the major you want? To help you find out, we created this online chart that will help you quickly and easily see:

  • Which majors USF offers
  • Which majors lead to specific undergraduate degrees (A.A. means Associate of Arts, B.S. means Bachelor of Science. and B.A. means Bachelor of Arts)
  • Which majors are also offered as minors
  • Which majors are pre-professional programs, if you plan to go on to graduate school
  • Which majors can be combined with teaching certification


USF Undergraduate Programs and Majors

ProgramDegreeMajorMinorPre-ProfessionalTeaching Certification
Accounting A.A., B.A. YesYes - -
Art B.A. YesYes - Yes
Biology B.S. YesYesYesYes
Business Administration A.A., B.A. YesYes - -
Chemistry B.S. YesYesYes -
Communication Studies and Theatre B.A. YesYes - -
Computational Economics B.A. Yes - - -
Computer Information Systems B.S. YesYes - -
Computer Science B.S. YesYes - -
Criminal Justice B.A. YesYes - -
Data Science B.S. Yes - - -
Elementary Education B.A. YesYes - Yes
English B.A. YesYes - Yes
Exercise Science B.S. Yes - Yes -
General Studies A.A., B.A. Yes - - -
Graphic Design A.A. Yes - - -
Health Administration B.A. Yes - - -
History & Political Science B.A. YesYes - Yes
Interdisciplinary A.A., B.A. Yes - - -
Law - - Yes -
Mathematics B.S. YesYes - Yes
Media Studies A.A., B.A. YesYes - -
Medical Laboratory Science B.S. Yes - - -
Medicine - - Yes -
Music B.A. YesYes - Yes
Nursing (Traditional) B.S.N. Yes - - -
Paramedic Technology B.S. Yes - - -
Psychology B.A. YesYes - -
Radiologic Technology A.A., B.S. Yes - - -
Secondary and K-12 Education B.A. Yes - - Yes
Social Media Marketing A.A. Yes - - -
Social Science A.A., B.A. Yes - - -
Social Work B.A. Yes - - -
Special Education B.A. Yes - - Yes
Sports Marketing and Media B.A. Yes - - -
Theology B.A. YesYes - -
Workforce and Career Studies A.A. Yes - - -

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