Major in Psychology
Independent Research
You will gain experience developing research ideas, analyzing data and communicating results.
The USF Advantage
The Psychology courses at USF expose you to the many facets of the field of Psychology and prepare you for a wide variety of careers.
Experiential Learning
Our internship program will give you hands-on experience and allow you to apply your knowledge of the discipline to real world settings.

The Psychology faculty at the University of Sioux Falls seek to help students develop an enriched understanding of self, others and the relationship between psychology and faith in God. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior, with particular attention to the cognitive processes that behavior often reflects. Our empirical, research-oriented approach allows the student to seek answers to questions about how and why we behave the way we do rather than to simply speculate.

The Psychology Department is committed to applying research outcomes to address many problems of everyday life.


Whether you choose to use your bachelor’s degree in psychology as preparation for advanced study or as a direct gateway to the workplace, USF will prepare you for a wide range of opportunities.


The USF Internship Program enjoys a strong reputation with many leading organizations in Sioux Falls who emphasize clinical, health, sport and research opportunities.

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